Grief Relief is a non profit 501(c)(3) organization that was founded to promote the advancement of grief recovery.  Our mission is to meet the needs of those who have suffered loss, encountered trauma, and experienced post traumatic stress.  Grief Relief seeks opportunities to provide emotional survival and self-care training workshops for organizations, military, law enforcement, and emergency personnel.  


No man, woman, or child regardless of insurance or income, should suffer through loss or post traumtic stress when grief and emotional care services are available.  It is simply a matter of getting the information to those in need. 

We care

Our staff is licensed, trained, and understand the needs of those whose hearts have been broken from death, divorce, disease, disaster, murder, missing loved ones, sexual assault, suicide, addiction, PTSD, and other losses. Our bottom line...you matter. We care. 


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Marsha Johnson is a grief recovery specialist, author, speaker and Chaplain for the Tulsa Police/Fire Department.  Marsha founded The Center For Grief Recovery & Family Services and Grief Relief, in 2014.  

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