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Marsha Johnson is a grief recovery specialist, author, speaker and Chaplain for the Tulsa Police/Fire Department.  


No man, woman, or child regardless of insurance or income, should suffer through loss or post traumtic stress when grief and emotional care services are available.  It is simply a matter of getting the information to those in need. 

Grief Relief, a non-profit organization, was founded to meet the needs of those who have suffered loss.

“Marsha Johnson has proven to be a blessing not only to our families who are mourning but also to our hospice staff who experience death and grieving on a weekly basis. She relates to those who grieve as one who will join them in their journey towards recovery.”

— Randy Shaddox Chaplain, Hometown Hospice


Our staff is made up of volunteers who have suffered loss and understand the needs of the grieving.  Our hearts have been broken from death, divorce, disease, disaster, murder, missing loved ones, sexual assault, abortion, suicide, job loss, addiction, military deployment or other losses.  You matter...we care.

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